Nipuna Gunathilake

Hello! I am a software engineer who loves building great products. Specializing in front end development.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, currently living in Singapore 🇸🇬.

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Learning CSS by going through a rabbit hole.

One of my co-workers posted a seemingly simple CSS quizz. Given the CSS below, What background color will the div end up with? blue red default…

Let the computer do the formatting

When I was first introduced to Prettier by my friend Mr. Ishan ‘Fishy’ I couldn’t understand what the big deal was. We already had linters that would…

Building Blocks of Web Components

In a previous article we discussed what Web Components are and how they can be useful for your project. In that I mentioned that they are made out of…

A Simple Introduction to Web Components

If you have been doing web development for in the recent past, you must have heard of this new thing called web components. You may know that it has…

What the heck is User Experience(UX)?

User Experience, (UX for short)— it’s a pretty popular subject these days. But at the same time, it’s often not well understood. I like many other…


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NATO Translator - Progressive Web App

A simple Progressive Web Application that allows you to translate the characters in a string in to the NATO phonetic alphabet. Ever wanted to spell…